mulching the blueberries


Taking care of my organic blueberry bushes by giving them some fresh organic mulch. I have several varieties including pinkberry which actually produces pink blueberries. The bushes are protected from birds and other critters by a beautiful screened enclosure.

9 thoughts on “mulching the blueberries

  1. I grew up in Saratoga Ca. This is how I was raised. My dad was a doc and he delivered me then adopted me. I was his experiment of eatting without killing. I’m 51, and have 2 kids. My daughter is at UCDavis taking after her grandpa. My son is 17. Old recipe bring back memories, the new ones I’ll try. Ty


  2. I want to get blueberry bushes, but not sure what kind to get. I don’t want to get ones that produce tasteless blueberry. Are there certain ones that you suggest?


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