turk’y cutlet salad


Not your average side salad-this is a healthy, filling meal for dinner!!! I used Gardein’s Turk’y cutlet with mixed organic salad greens, fresh shucked peas, organic asparagus (steamed), black olives (for some good fat) and garbanzo beans rinsed from the can. I like to drizzle with good olive oil and balsamic and a sprinkling of salt. EAT ME

7 thoughts on “turk’y cutlet salad

  1. SHERI!! This looks and sounds great!! The asparagus is the best. I swear, I could live on that. I’ve never tried the turkey substitute. It must be tvp. I have to check it out. The black olives are a nice twist. 🙂 Thanx 4 sharing!!


  2. woweeeee, i would eat that till my head came off. we have nothing like that turk’y in england or the teese cheese, i wish we did!!


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