weekly basics


Once a week I like to spend a few hours cooking some basics for side dishes and salad bowls. This makes preparing meals for the week a bit easier as I don’t always have 45 minutes to cook rice or lentils.This week I did quinoa, brown rice and brown lentils.

6 thoughts on “weekly basics

  1. YUMO!! SHERI, quinoa is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO underrated! I love it!! I have been doing this same thing, forever. On Saturday’s, I spend the day chopping up all the veggies I love and putting them in tupperware. Then, during the week, I just take out scoops from each one and make a great dinner in 1.5 seconds. The extra time taken on the weekend to bulk cook saves TONS of time during the week. I make a great quinoa, cheesy, garlic, kale ball that I use instead of meatballs.


  2. hi Sherri, good woman by doing that ahead of time. I do the same by soaking grains or beans ahead of time and pre-cook them. chic peas especially so i can make my own hummus!


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