isa’s fluffy pancakes

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The BEST pancakes I’ve ever had. I saw the fluffy pancake photo for this recipe in my favorite vegan cookbook, “Isa Does It” and gave it a go. Mine came out just as fluffy and really tasted amazing. Like, I just can’t rave about these pancakes enough-it’s unbelievable how scrumpsh they are.

I topped them with wild maine blueberries and real maple syrup with a side of potatoes roasted in olive oil and my new favorite herb french tarragon.


12 thoughts on “isa’s fluffy pancakes

  1. I’m sitting on the porch this very second with my friend and I’m showing her my Isa does it cookbook too. I’m telling all about it over whit wine. But at the moment we are making Wedding soup with white bean balls and kale. From the Thug Kitchen Cookbook.! My other favorite.!


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