lunch at bryant park (NYC)

I was pleasantly surprised to see Blossom du jour at the Christmas Market in Bryant Park (NYC). I had the warm chicken avocado griller and watched the ice skaters on the outdoor rink.


5 thoughts on “lunch at bryant park (NYC)

  1. I ate once at a vegan place in Scranton, PA that did the whole ‘faux meat’ thing, but the quality was just so so. Just checked out the site and menu of this place. Looks great…and they have a ton of interesting items on the menu. Thanks for posting about them!


  2. That look tasty and loving those prices. Here in Asheville NC our prices aren’t that great when it comes to eating healthy local organic foods. Yet still worth it because the taste is so much better. I’m Italian and always love hearing about yummy food so keep them coming!


  3. Blossom is one of my FAVORITE restaurants. NYC may be the easiest (and Cali) to be a vegan. So many wonderful places to dine. Have you tried Candle 79, Quantum Leap, or Zen Palette?


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