sheri’s “tuna” melt

Missing one of my favorite lunches, tuna melts and tomato soup, I was happily surprised when I glanced on the shelves of Whole Foods and saw VEGAN TOONA!!! I chopped up 2 pickles, added 2 tbsps veganaisse and a squirt of yellow mustard into a bowl with the toona, mixed it up and made my melt with some daiya cheese and earth balance spread to coat the bread in the pan. It was really good and totally sated my craving for a tuna melt. Save a fish!!!


8 thoughts on “sheri’s “tuna” melt

  1. I feel guilty when I purchase tuna. Thank you for providing this simple recipe. I love your blog, thank you for doing this for RZ & SMZ fans 🙂


  2. oh man….. i used to eat cans and cans of tuna years ago when i at meat.. this makes me very happy. tuna and hummus is supposed to be good too. xxx


  3. I just bought some today. I have been craving a good tuna sandwich for years. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. Some times chic peas just don’t cut it.


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