veggie dogs and beans

Veggie dogs and baked beans are one of my husbands favorite meals. I’ve roasted some cauliflower with olive oil and added chopped tomatoes to the lemon and herb couscous for a mid week dinner time meal.


5 thoughts on “veggie dogs and beans

  1. Looks delish! I was wondering Sheri if you or anyone who reads this blog has a good recommendation on a brand of veggi dog? The ones I have tried I end up spitting them right back out.


  2. Have your ever had a “Leanie” veggie hot dog? I believe tbey are made by Worthington’s. We get them at Ben’s Chili Bowl here in D.C. By far the best mock hot dog we have ever tasted. Not sure if they carry them in stores but if you can find them I guarantee you would enjoy them…



  3. I started frying veggie dogs in coconut oil with a little Bragg’s and fresh garlic powder from bulk from our health food store. Gives it a whole new flavor. I never use buns anymore. Yum. Thanks for sharing.


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