hungarian goulash with tempeh

This is a dish I’ve been cooking for years. Now, being vegan I use tofutti sour cream instead of dairy sour cream and it still tastes amazing. A nice comfort meal for the winter time.


9 thoughts on “hungarian goulash with tempeh

  1. I love tempeh! It’s my favorite vegetarian/vegan protein source. I’ll have to try this. You should check out some of the posts on It’s a new blog that posts every Monday. The recipes are paleo-vegetarian. Some recipes are vegan and most can be made so very easily. I have insider info and I believe a tempeh meatball recipe is in development and will be on the blog in coming weeks 🙂


  2. I saw the author of the cookbook listed on this has made a vegan slow cooker book too if that helps anyone out. I can’t wait to try this recipe! This blog has really great food on it and has really motivated me to cook more and try new things. I haven’t been unhappy with one thing I’ve tried yet! And I have that cookbook Isa Does It that you sampled recipes from so I am really excited to try more from that cookbook too. I just love this blog! I get so excited when I see an email showing a new item. 🙂


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