chocolate gingerbread cookies

These didn’t come out exactly like pictured in my “Isa Does It” cookbook (page 280), but that’s because I forgot to flatten them out after rolling them into walnut size balls and I used marshmallows (Sweet and Sara vegan ones) instead of white chocolate chips. They were a bit puffier and tasted so awesome, that I made a second batch the next day.


15 thoughts on “chocolate gingerbread cookies

  1. Love & respect to Rob & Sheri. I appreciate only positive comments being welcome here, as it states clearly above the box. Not everyone’s into negativity and fighting, nor bossiness, “divide & conquer,” “chip on shoulder”…all that sort of stuff. Those things can be imposed where clearly uninvited. Life’s too short to engage in that more than you want. And what all that has to do with nice cookies, I don’t know 😉


  2. sometimes experimentation in the kitchen creates a delicious recipe! kudos! love your posts! you inspire me to cook and try new recipes 🙂


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