out and about

When I know I’m gonna be out all day running errands, I like to pack a nice lunch with me. This time I made a spinach, quinoa, grape and sweet potato salad with olive oil and balsamic dressing. FYI – I do not eat and drive!!! I parked in a parking lot and ate.


14 thoughts on “out and about

  1. Finally we get to see that perfect face. Sheri looks like a fresh faced model; she is as gorgeous as that husband of hers. I love this blog and look forward to the posts.


  2. You’re so beautiful, and hardly any or no makeup. Too bad so many ladies think they have to apply all sorts of multicolored goop and powders to their faces. Rob is gorgeous too, I love his stage performances. Love to you both. And that salad…yum! 🙂


  3. i do this too, normally with bulgur wheat and avocado or peas and mint. ill be having this salad today thank sheri!!!! ❤


  4. when you come to jersey go to twisted tree cafe in asbury park.. delicious delicious restaurant! and across the street go to the groovy graveyard! you will not be disappointed!


  5. ok, just so you know, i made this for supper and it was DIVINE. the grapes taste great with the vinegar. its now called the sheri salad 😛 thank you for this! loved it!


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