4 thoughts on “garden snow peas

  1. Beautiful!so glad to see so many people garden and lead a healthy diet with your own grown veggies 🙂
    We have some yummy snow peas that are now ready to eat and they are wonderful right off the vine 🙂
    Marigolds are great protectors of your vegetables if planted around the garden area


  2. I’m watching my tomatoes with bated breath! I can’t wait to slice an organic beefsteak and eat it like candy!! Lol
    Post more garden pics plz! 😊


  3. P.s. I don’t have IG or Twitter anymore so I couldn’t comment anywhere else but here lol but I just saw the pic you posted of the 31 cast and I am sooooooo stoked!!! You look amazing btw and I feel like I see familiar faces from The Devil’s Rejects & Lords of Salem?!?! Yay!!!!! I love your hair too!! Your the coolest. 💋


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