veggie dog

The weather is still warm enough to grill on the east coast (it is after all still summer) and I love my veggie dogs!!! I top mine with relish and mustard (usually avocado too, but I didn’t have a ripe one on hand). The sides are roasted potatoes with rosemary, veggie baked beans and canned  organic corn. I know, I know it’s corn season, but I just didn’t want to run an errand to get fresh corn!!!


8 thoughts on “veggie dog

  1. What veggie dog brand do you like? I haven’t found one that I can stand the texture of yet. I quit reading meat 6 month+ ago so I still have issues with the difference in textures of some foods. And, living in Indiana, vegan/vegetarian foods aren’t the most prevalent… yet! It’s slowly getting better.


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