My belly is full!!! This is what happened yesterday at the Zombie household. With much help from my husband, we whipped up this amazing vegan Thanksgiving meal. We had the Gardein Holiday Roast (first time having it, and it’s a winner!!!), simple stuffing, seared then steamed brussels sprouts, green bean (from my garden) casserole with homemade cream of mushroom soup, cornbread, fresh tart cranberry sauce and black olives. Individual recipes to follow soon. I hope everyone had a peaceful, thankful day.


12 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. Delish
    My thanksgiving was more of a
    95percent meat
    50percent vegetarian
    30percent vegan
    As much as I try to make my husband and son vegan
    It always fails
    My 5yr old was vegan but she try cheese and that was it
    Im vegan
    So I had to cook three meals
    Too tired NOW


  2. Hi Sherri. I just bought a Tofurkey Holiday meal for my family get together tomorrow. (I’m the only non-meat eater in my family and only one of two in my friends circle.). Is the Gardein one better than Tofurkey? I haven’t tried either… yet. Tomorrow I will


  3. I’m so glad you had a great thanksgiving. That’s a beautiful plate. I think it’s great Rob helped you prepare it. I look forward to the recipes, especially the sprouts!


  4. I had a good dinner also, but I should have had brussle sprouts. I made the Tofurky stuffed roast. Yummy as always and good leftover for sammies.


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