green bean casserole



A bunch of green beans (enough for a 9X9 pan) (frozen from my summer garden), cut in half or “frenched”(sliced in half length wise).

1 diced yellow or Vidalia onion

1 pack of chopped baby portabellas

1 cup veg broth

5.4 oz can coconut cream

salt & pepper

crispy onions to top with


Oven to 350

Dice onion

Saute in a pot in oil of choice until translucent

Add portabellas

Cook for about 12 minutes

Add mixture to Vitamixer

Add broth and coconut cream

Blend until desired consistency

Add back to pot and heat on low for 5-7 minutes

Season with s&p

Mix beans and soup mixture in a big bowl until combined

Add to a 9X9 pan

Top with crispy onions if desired

Bake until bubbly 30-45 minutes


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