rustic dip

sourdough w:crushed tomato oil.jpg

At Gadarene Swine in Studio City CA, I love this appetizer (or snack as it is listed on the menu) of toasted sourdough with a crushed tomato oil dip. The rustic presentation is cool too.


3 thoughts on “rustic dip

  1. Hi Sherri…just wanted to ask, when did you and Rob become vegan? Where vegetarian first, then vegan ? Just curious…I’m transitioning to vegan , but I’m finding cheese a bit difficult to kick ( the optiods in the milk ) thanks!!!


    • I am vegetarian and not quite vegan. I did find some awesome cheese though by Follow Your Heart. It makes great grilled cheese. Also, the Daiya brick cheese is pretty good especially the Havarti Jalepeno. My hardest is actual milk. I haven’t found an alternate (except homemade banana milk) that I can actually stand to drink straight but I am working on it. Good luck!


  2. What an amazing presentation! I’m sure it tasted even better. I’ve been vegan since July- and your blogs are really informative and fun too.


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