quinoa salad


I love a big salad bowl. For this one I roasted an acorn squash and sweet potato. Cooked up a batch of quinoa and added sun dried tomatoes. Chopped up a cucumber and threw in some leftover corn niblets all on top of some fresh salad greens. I drizzled a bit of olive oil and some white vinegar, s&p. Yum!!!


5 thoughts on “quinoa salad

  1. I’ve had a bag of quinoa in my pantry for months. For whatever reason, I’m afraid to try it. This seems like the perfect salad to throw together and get to it already.

    Do you eat quinoa in place of rice? I’m asking because I made a batch of mixed beans this weekend with fresh tomatoes, green chiles and green onion. I let it simmer for an hour with some s&p and chili powder. I wonder how good of a replacement quinoa can be for rice!


  2. Your site & food porn/pix of vegan food is the first I have ever seen that makes me think I could go vegan. I have no qualms about giving up meat or chz, (since you have shown great subs) – it’s eggs that I love. But; that being said – I appreciate you showing how delicious, affordable, & yummy looking eating vegan can be/is. Thank you!


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