arugula please!!!

arugulabutternut fennel.jpg

As I plan my summer and look forward to touring with my husband, I remind myself that it is possible to travel and have delicious vegan food. Here is a pretty simple yet scrumptious salad of arugula, roasted butternut squash and fennel with a pumpkin seed vinaigrette that we had on tour last year in Warren, Ohio. I am so into arugula and I love seeing different uses for this peppery green.


7 thoughts on “arugula please!!!

  1. I’m excited to go to your hubby’s show in Indy/Noblesville this summer. We have a couple of good restaurants with vegan options in the Indy area if you’re interested. My favs would be Three Carrots (downtown Indy) and The Sinking Ship (two locations in Indy). 🙂


  2. Hi Sheri- I recently viewed your husbands video on facebook on the meat packing process and it made me hysterically cry.I knew that meat packing was not a pleasant process to witness, but I had no idea it was so disturbing. I have since decided to be a vegetarian, than slowly go vegan.Do you perhaps have any helpful tips for someone just starting out?


  3. I’m looking forward to your show in Pelham, AL in a couple of weeks. It’s always a good time! Pelham doesn’t have much that’s Vegan friendly. If you’re passing through Birmingham though, some options are New China Town, Golden Temple Cafe, Eli’s Jerusalem Grill, BayLeaf Indian and Delta Blues Hot Tamales.


  4. I appreciate this blog. I am consistently not eating enough food because I have had some issues in finding a vierity of tasty recipes.


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