9 thoughts on “juicy jenny

  1. I’m about to do what a million other fans have done. But I gotta say Mrs.Zombie. ever since middleschool I idolized you. Gorgeous talented charismatic sexy mama. Always wanted to be like you 🙂 And even at 28 I still look up to you for the same reasons but now even more so seeing that you eat healthy and clean. Since December 2015 I made a vow to myself to better myself and be healthier and take car of my body. I’ve lost weight and inches, and now I still have you as my role model to make healthy living an ongoing lifestyle, not just a faze. I hope one day I can afford to see your husband in concert in VA and would be honored to have the luck to ever meet such a special cool chick such as yourself! I love your posts on EAT ME. Hahaha the name itself is hilarious. Keep posting and keep being awesome!
    Love, Jessica Morgan


  2. Sheri,
    My husband, daughter and I are vegans and it is so refreshing to see your updates on vegan food. I’m 50 and I think due to our vegan lifestyle I never felt better. We are a 100% vegan family from hair, soap, beauty and cleaning it is all cruelty free and vegan. I’m ecstatic that you show people really appetizing vegan food on this site. I don’t think people take time to read their food or any labels because if they did and they saw what they were putting into their bodies it would shock them. We are vegan due to the fact we love animals and I want food that is healthy, organic with no pesticides or GMO’s as well. So thanks for enlightening people because I think people such as you and your husband that are so well known will be more apt to open peoples minds to the vegan lifestyle. Thank you, Marlene Nagengast


    • Hey Sherri,
      I forgot to mention I lived in NJ for quite some time and my family practically lived at a vegan restaurant in Belmar, NJ called Kaya’s Kitchen which is really a great, tasty hangout. Also in Red Bank NJ a place called Good Kharma is a great vegan restaurant. If you are in NJ those are worth a stop. We recently moved to NC and dined at a vegan restaurant called Fiction Kitchen. 3 great vegan restaurants if you are ever in those states. Be healthy, Marlene


  3. Sheri, are you going to publish a vegan recipe book? Your photos are lovely of yourself, your home, your garden, your pets, it would make a wonderful book. I love seeing the different places you travel with Rob, and would love to see a beautifully photographed book with your commentary.

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  4. I LOVE that you’re posting on the road vegan stuff! It helps so much! If you’re looking for any suggestions and if you’re ever around the Columbia, SC area, you should check out Lamb’s Bread Cafe, which is vegan soul food. And Good Life Cafe, which is vegan and mostly raw and all delicious. Imagine vegan cafe is a great place in Memphis TN andddd Chimera in Tulsa OK have amazing vegan options that’s prepared in a separate vegan kitchen to avoid contamination. Hope this helps if you’re ever in those areas!


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