voodoo how do you do?

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Voodoo Doughnuts kindly dropped off some vegan doughnuts to my husbands gig the other night and I haven’t been the same since. I, of course, had to cut off a bite sized sample of each doughnut to see which was my favorite and the grape ape doughnut with lavender sprinkles is the winner. Most of their doughnuts can be made vegan, ask in advance. They have locations in Oregon, Texas, Colorado and Taipei. Thanks Voodoo!!!


8 thoughts on “voodoo how do you do?

  1. I have lived in Colorado for 9 years and still haven’t tried their doughnuts. From your description, they sound really good. I actually might have to really get in my truck and drive further than around my house. Have you ever made doughnuts from scratch? If you have, I would love your recipe.


  2. Never go to Oregon without a stop in at one of their shops, but now I want to try the grape ape with lavender. Thanks for the idea 😉 Have a great day.


  3. My wife and I recently started a Vegan lifestyle. We love it. We saw Rob at 360 amphitheater in Austin. Amazing! And yes, Voodoo Donuts rock.


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