mac n cheese please

I am now obsessed with this simple to make meal. It’s Amy’s vegan mac n cheese with Gardein beefless tips sautéed in coconut oil. Simply heat the mac n cheese in the microwave or oven and top with the beefless tips that you sauté in about a tablespoon of coconut oil. C’est tout. Voila.


3 thoughts on “mac n cheese please

  1. its great in the 3d world theres not so much preprocessed healthy food, still, we got these instant noodles, imported from Asia are the best, theyre cheap and if you are good in digesting artifficial flavouring, they make a good meal with no meat or hard to digest stuff, its marvelous to have something in the shelve that in 5 minutes you have your lunch or dinner, the latter specially, ready with no effort; sounds silly, but sometimes this gives you an extra hour or 2 of daytime activity, and its fun, cuz cuz if you go creative you can add any spare ingredient to the mix, sincerely i dont know whats with them, but its always a treat!

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